Best Parenting Advice: How to End Screen Time Without A Struggle

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Of all parenting mantras and advice you will find today, one advice that every parent will definitely need in today’s world of technology is how to end your kid’s screen time without tamper tantrums and any struggle whatsoever.

A clinical psychologist, Isabelle Filliozat who specializes in positive parenting and is the author of many books about children’s education, has the advice that all parents should start following now.

Her method is simple. Screens are hypnotic to our brains and while watching we get a release of dopamine (hormone of happiness). When the screen is turned off the dopamine levels in our body drop fast, which experience is a shock and can truly be painful, especially for a young child. The drop in hormones is a physical shock that literally creates a feeling of pain. Which is why the child finds this experience hurtful.

To better handle this situation, Isabelle recommends that we build a bridge, instead of cutting our kid off screen time, we need to enter their zone. What this means is that the parent should sit down next to their kid and enter her world by sitting and watching. After a short period of time ask her a simple question. Once she starts answering questions, that means that she’s out of the zone and it’s safe to slowly take her away from the screen. Here are the specific steps recommended by

  • Sit with her for 30 seconds, a minute, or longer, and simply watch whatever she is watching/doing.
  • Ask an innocent question about what’s happening on screen. Most children love their parent’s attention, and will provide answers.
  • Once you’ve created a dialogue, you’ve created a bridge – a bridge that will allow your child to, in his mind and body, step from screen back into the real world, without hormones in free-fall, and therefore without crisis.
  • Enjoy the rest of your day together.

Knowing what is going on in your child’s mind and adopting a simple tactic to ensure such experiences are painless is what makes parenting easier and better.

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