Make meetings great again

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How often do you go to a meeting just to realize that the meeting was wasted and none of the objectives were achieved? How often do you get an invite without an agenda?

To me it happens way too often. Almost every day. The more it happens the more frustrated and burnt out we get, having to attend meetings instead of working on our actual job.

The key guidelines of running good meetings are fairly simple, yet too often we ignore them thus resulting in ineffective meetings. So here are few great sources you could use as a reminder.

1st Suggested Source: 8 Tips for Running More Effective Meetings by the Distilled Man  – very eloquent instructional video featuring useful tips. My favourite tip is that the “meeting starts when the invite is sent”. To make your meeting truly productive, try to meaningfully engage your stakeholders before the meeting, so they come prepared and ready to make decisions when needed.


2nd Suggested Source: A Checklist For Planning Your Next Big Meeting  by Harvard Business Review.  I would definitely suggest printing out the checklist and keeping it close to your computer so you can easily reference it when scheduling a meeting.

Last but not least, please share these tips with your co-workers to ensure best practices are followed by all.

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