Start the New Year By Asking Big Questions That Spark Personal Growth

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Let’s make 2018 special! This year, lets add one more resolution to the traditional ones we do every year. Let’s commit to sparking our personal growth and the growth of our closest family and friends by asking big questions.  Not sure if its only me, but I am tired of small talk and meaningless discussions about TV shows, reality TV etc. Its time to have more meaningful conversations by asking big questions. These questions allow participants to share their stories and enjoy the stories of people they care about.

The idea comes from the “Ask Big Questions” initiative established by Josh Feigelson. As he outlined, “discussing big questions is not only about sharing and listening but also clarifying your own values and beliefs”. There are 23 big questions that “make for enriching dinner table conversation, but they can be equally illuminating if you simply ask them of yourself”, as quoted in the interview with Josh on  Here is the full list of question we should start using asap:

For whom are you responsible?
Who comes to mind when you think of the word responsible? Why?
Are there people for whom you feel more responsible than others?
How do you decide who needs you?

Where do you feel at home?
If you imagine home, what does it look like?
How has your idea of home changed during your life?
What would it take for you to leave your doors unlocked at night?

Who is in your family?
How do you decide who is in your family? Who gets put on your family tree?
Are there people you’re not related to whom you treat like family? What leads you to treat them that way?
Conversely, do you have relatives you don’t treat like family? Why?

How do you listen?
When have you really listened to someone else? What happened when you did?
When have you felt truly heard and understood?
Is it hard for you to listen to perspectives that are different from yours?

What do you choose to ignore?
Have you ever consciously chosen to stop ignoring something? What happened as a result?
How do we stop ignoring things that might be helpful for us to see?
Are there times when it’s good or useful to ignore something?

Which day in your life would you like to live over?
Is there a day in your life you really regret? Is there a day you would like to revisit?
Is there a story in your life or your family’s life that you tell often?
Do you tell the story differently than it actually happened? Why?

What could you sacrifice to repair the world?
Is there a difference between giving something up and sacrificing it?
Is there something in your life you wish you had sacrificed? What kept you from doing so?
Was there ever a time you regretted making a sacrifice?

What have you learned so far?
What is one lesson you would teach your children? How did you learn it?
Who is an important teacher in your life?
Is the life you’re living today aligned with the most important things you’ve learned?


Photo credit:  Luke Carliff on Unsplash

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