This Year Commit To CREATIVE Resolutions Instead

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Already tired of your New Year’s resolutions? Do you often feel like these resolutions are the same and you never truly commit to them? Have you considered doing something crazy and creative instead? Could a creative resolution be the key to making a permanent positive change in your life? This year, it’s exactly what I’ve decided to do. I will set and commit to creative resolutions instead.

The inspiration came from a recent article published by Here are few suggestions from TED followed by my list of top three creative resolutions I’m planning to implement in the new year.

  1. “Schedule time to be bored”. Even though it seems counter-intuitive as today’s world pushes us to be more and more productive, latest science shows that our best ideas actually happen when we are bored. While being bored, our brain enters a ‘default mode’ during which it starts connecting disparate ideas, can solve difficult problems or do autobiographical planning. So book a time in your calendar to turn off your phone, disconnect from the online world, sit at home and just enjoy being bored. This may help you make 2018 the most creative year yet.To learn more about the benefits of being bored, watch the following TED Talk.
  1. “Do one thing that scares you – knowing you’ll get rejected”. Its common and normal to have a fear of rejection. Science tells us that when getting a rejection our brains react the same as when experiencing pain, which is why we are so afraid of it. To rewire our brains we just need to jump head first and get exposed to rejection as much as we can. One option is to find ways to get rejected EVERY DAY for 30 days. Jia Jiang in his inspirational TED Talk decided to embrace rejection and turned it into the biggest gift of his life.
  2. “Talk to a stranger every week…When you talk to strangers, you’re making beautiful interruptions into the expected narrative of your daily life and theirs… You might just be surprised by the new and unexpected connections you make.” says Kio Stark in her TED Talk. Personally I shy away from talking to strangers mainly because I’m trying to avoid the awkwardness that comes with it. However, if I make it a daily practice, it may become more pleasant and beneficial to both myself and the other person as well.
  3. “Celebrate one of your failures with friends” . Fear of failure is real and it becomes stronger as you get older. Many successful people though became successful by embracing this fear. One way to do this is to celebrate something that you totally screwed up with your friends. Celebrating failure will “encourage you to test out more moonshot ideas without worrying about what people will think if your plans don’t work out.”- says Astro Teller in his TED Talk about failure. I believe this is very courageous and it’s definitely on top of my lists for this year’s self improvement.
  4. “Say yes to everything for one month”. This idea was brought by Shonda Rhimes, one of the most accomplished TV producers of today. She advises that we should say “yes” to everything that scares us, such as taking a new project at work or doing a public speaking gig. This will help us get out of our comfort zone more often and push our growth beyond our limits. Saying “yes” can change our lives.

For more ideas on creative resolutions I would suggest watching TED talks regularly and embracing the ideas that Ted speakers share with us regularly. I’ve tried doing this regularly and here’s my list of creative resolutions for 2018:

  1. Embrace rejection throughout the year. Situations to include:
  • Try selling a service or product.
  • Pitching an idea.
  • Asking people for various favors.
  1. Celebrate failures with friends. This one goes hand in hand with the first resolution. By being exposed to challenging situations that will possibly lead to rejection, I will be able to also celebrate my failures as well i.e. totally messed up a pitch, failed selling a product etc.
  2. Embrace my creative side. For long time I thought I wasn’t creative. However, through my self improvement journey I’ve realized that we are all creative, we just need to free our creative genius by eliminating our self judgement and experimenting with many different creative tools including singing, improv, dancing and acting.

Thinking of these resolutions alone makes me feel excited but also scared of the change they will bring to my life. I know that if I accomplish at least one, it will bring tremendous growth  in my life. Isn’t that the main reason of having a New Year’s resolution in the first place?

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  1. Amazing post! I always do my New Years resolutions, but this year, I didn’t do any for some reasons. But after seeing this, I’m really inspired to do one! 😊 thank you for sharing a great idea.

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